Data-Driven Journey 101

Mar 24, 2022 | Data, Tips

Start your data journey with executive sponsorship & buy-in

Starting a data-driven journey can seem daunting. Organizations that begin with executive sponsorship are more likely to succeed than those that do not, according to a Harvard Business Review article assessing why many companies struggle with fostering a data-driven culture. As you embark on creating a data-driven culture, keep in mind that it is an ongoing journey requiring executive buy-in to position your organization for success.

Below are 3 key reasons executive buy-in and support are key.

  1. Reinforcing data as an asset:
    Executives that consistently lead by example with data and analytics as a basis of decision-making will motivate others to follow suit, reinforcing the importance of data as a strategic asset to the organization.
  2. Alignment with strategic needs:
    Executive buy-in can help focus on specific business needs and shore up an organization’s value proposition.
  3. Championing potential:
    Leadership communication of a simple proof-of-concept or tactical use case is more likely to garner attention and foster a desire to explore additional data analytics opportunities.

This is why At Alpha Link Research & Analytics, we begin each project with a discovery phase to understand and gauge the level of leadership engagement and buy-in. Contact us at to discuss how we might help your organization get started on your data journey.